This ROOT-WORD is the Suffix EN which means MADE OF & MAKE. EN is a simple key and the roots to which EN is added are all simple words. When the word is an adjective EN means MADE OF, when it is a verb, EN means MAKE.

1. Silken: silk EN (sil’ ken) adj.

Made of silk

2. Brazen: braz EN (braze’ en) adj.

Made of brass

3. Frozen: froz EN (froze’en) adj.

Made icy; as, frozen foods

4. Hempen: hemp EN (hem’ pen) adj.

Made of hemp; as, rope

5. Molten: molt EN (molt’en) adj.

Made by melting

6. Oaken: oak EN (o’ ken) adj.

Made of oak

7. Woolen: wool EN (wool’ en) adj.

Made of wool

8. Wooden: wood EN (wood’ en) adj.

Made of wood

9. Golden: gold EN (gol’ den) adj.

Made of gold

10. Broaden: broad EN (broad’ en) v.

Make broad; widen

11. Brighten: bright EN (brite’ en) v.

Make bright

12. Hasten: hast EN (hase’ en) v.

Make haste; put on speed

13. Heighten: height EN (hite’ en) v.

Make high; increase

14. Lighten: light EN (lite’ en) v.

Make light; reduce

15. Roughen: rough EN (ruf’ en) v.

Make rough

16. Toughen: tough EN (tuf’ en) v.

Make tough; strengthen

17. Soften: soft EN (sof’ en) v.

Make soft

18. Smoothen: smooth EN (smue’ then) v.

Make smooth

19. Whiten: whit EN (hwite’ en) v.

Make while

20. Frighten: fright EN (frite’ en) v.

Make fearful

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