ency & ence

ROOT-WORDS are the Suffixes ENCE & ENCY, meaning ACTION, STATE and QUALITY. These ROOT-WORDS mean the same as the ANCE - ANCY and except for a slight change in spelling.

1. Difference : differ ENCE (dif’ e rens) n.

State, quality, or measure of being unlike

2. Competence : compet ENCE (kom’ pet ens) n.

Quality of fitness; ability

3. Complacency : complace ENCY (kom plase’ en see) n.

State of smugness; self-satisfaction

4. Conference : confer ENCE (kon; fe rens) n.

The act of meeting within a group for exchange of opinions

5. Deficiency : defici ENCY (de fish’ en see) n.

The state or quality of having a lack

6. Existence : exist ENCE (eg zis’ tens) n.

The quality of being

7. Influence : influ ENCE (in’ flue ens) n.

The act of creating an impression; power

8. Obedience : obedi ENCE (o bede’ ee ens) n.

Act of obeying; as, obedience to the law

9. Patience : pati ENCE (pay’ shens) n.

The ability to wait

10. Opulence : opul ENCE (op’ yu lens) n.

The quality of plenty; wealth; affluence

11. Proficiency : profici ENCY (pro fish’ en see) n.

The state or quality of being skilled; expert

12. Efficiency : effici ENCY (e fish’ en see) n.

The ability to get results

13. Fluency : flu ENCY (flue’ en see) n.

A flow of language; as, fluency in French

14. Urgency : urg ENCY (ur’ jen see) n.

The need for instant action

15. Belligerency : belliger ENCY (be lij’ e ren see) n.

The quality of having a fighting spirit

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