Know Your Next Word : endemic

19. endemic :

adjective :

1. Natural to a particular people or place : always present in a particular area

2. Confined to a geographic region

Usage :

  • Some of the worst actors on the international stage can also take advantage of the collective exhaustion and outrage that people feel with official corruption, as we've seen with Islamic extremists who promise purification, but deliver totalitarianism. Endemic corruption opens the door to this kind of movement, and in its wake comes a new set of distortions and betrayals of public trust.(Barack Obama : An Honest Government - A Hopeful Future : Speech at the University of Nairobi - Kenya : Aug 28 - 2006.)

  • countries where high unemployment is endemic

  • An endemic disease is one which is constantly present to a greater or less degree in any place, as distinguished from an epidemic disease which prevails widely at some one time or periodically and from a sporadic disease of which a few instances occur now and then.

    Related Forms :

    endemically : adverb

    endemism : noun

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