English Tenses

English Tenses : Present Continuous

  1. He is satisfying us.
  2. He is screening a movie.
  3. He is showing a film.
  4. He is slicing the bread.
  5. He is smiling gently.
  6. He is stopping the car.
  7. He is suffering from fever.
  8. He is swimming swiftly.
  9. He is tackling the problem.
  10. He is thinking deeply.
  11. He is traveling to Chennai.
  12. He is using the chance.
  13. He is vacating the room.
  14. He is walking slowly.
  15. He is wasting money.

  16. I am ringing the bell.
  17. I am saying good morning.
  18. I am selecting the best answer.
  19. I am showing a watch to my sister.
  20. I am slowing the scooter.
  21. I am stimulating the enemy.
  22. I am surprising you.
  23. I am talking quietly.
  24. I am transferring the account.
  25. I am turning pale.
  26. I am utilizing exactly.
  27. I am working in the college.
  28. I stopping the bike.

  29. She is ringing the bell.
  30. She is saying hai.
  31. She is selecting the best answer.
  32. She is slowing the car.
  33. She is stimulating the enemy.
  34. She is studying a lesson.
  35. She is surprising us.
  36. She is talking nicely.
  37. She is tasting the coffee.
  38. She is transferring the account to Chennai.
  39. She is turning pale.
  40. She is utilizing correctly.
  41. She is voting for ruling party.
  42. She is wanting a cake.
  43. She is working in a school.

  44. They are satisfying us.
  45. They are screening a movie.
  46. They are selecting the best answer.
  47. They are slicing the fruits.
  48. They are slowing the auto.
  49. They are smiling beautifully.
  50. They are stopping talking.
  51. They are suffering from stomach pain.
  52. They are swimming splendid.
  53. They are tackling us.
  54. They are talking continuously.
  55. They are tasting the bread.
  56. They are thinking gradually.
  57. They are traveling to Delhi.
  58. They are using the bike.
  59. They are vacating the house.
  60. They are voting for ruling party.
  61. They are wanting juice.

  62. We are satisfying him.
  63. We are screening a movie.
  64. We are showing a toy.
  65. We are slicing the vegetables.
  66. We are stimulating the enemy.
  67. We are studying Botany.
  68. We are suffering from stomach pain.
  69. We are surprising them.
  70. We are swimming quickly.
  71. We are tackling her.
  72. We are tasting the juice.
  73. We are traveling to Mysore.
  74. We are walking slowly.
  75. We are wasting the money.

  76. You are ringing the bell.
  77. You are saying good evening.
  78. You are smiling gracefully.
  79. You are studying Physics.
  80. You are thinking calmly.
  81. You are transferring the account.

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