even Stevens

even Stephens = even Stevens

an even chance

1990 - Alan Duff - Once Were Warriors - And I give her half. Clean down the middle. Even Stevens. I don't try and cheat her out of her share.


an even break

a fair chance – informal

This phrase is perhaps best known from W.C. Fields’s catchphrase…Never give a sucker an even break. It is said to have originated in the 1923 musical Poppy and was also the title of one of Field's films (1941).

get even with = be even with

inflict similar trouble or harm on someone as they have inflicted on you – informal

on an even keel

(of a ship or aircraft) not tilting to one side

(of a person or situation) functioning normally after a period of difficulty

1991 - Deirdre Purcell - A Place of Stones - Life ran on an even keel in the house as both of them came and went and became re-immersed in their own lives.

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