Exercise on Singular and Plurals

Exercise on Singular and Plurals :

a) Give the plurals of

1. an apple
2. a box
3. a belief
4. a coach
5. a child
6. a dish
7. an egg
8. a gas
9. a fly
10. a foot
11. a hero
12. a key
13. a loaf
14. a mouse
15. a radio
16. a story
17. a tooth
18. a tax
19. a wish

b) Give the plural of

1. man – servant
2. woman – doctor
3. looker- on
4. brother – in – law
5. passer – by
6. girl – friend

c) Complete the following.

1. The foot - ball team ….playing well.
2. His family …a very happy one.
3. The police looking for the criminal.
4. The woman and her child ……..over three.
5. Bread and butter ……..usually eaten with honey.
6. whisky and soda a good drink?
7. A cigarette or a cup of coffee……..good for him.
8. Neither the manager nor his deputy……..come yet.
9. Neither the students nor the teacher……..here.
10. Neither you nor they……..mistaken.
11. Every body doing his best.
12. Each of us perfect.
13. None of your answer……..correct.

d) Correct the following.

1. He refused to give me any informations.
2. These furnitures are very expensive do you like to have fishes for dinner?
3. She bought five dozens eggs.
4. Ten thousands people attended the match.
5. Many sheeps are killed every day.
6. She, as well as her sister arc coming with us.
7. I want to have my hairs cut.
8. Where are the money?
9. The trouser is on the peg.

Exercise on Singular and Plurals :

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