Exercises in Syntax

Exercises in Syntax :

Parse all the Nominatives in the following sentences.

1. Mary wrote a letter.

2. The child loves its mother.

3. The letter was written by Mary.

4. Our neighbors have sold their property.

5. The boys are hunting in the woods.

6. Perseverance overcomes difficulties.

7. Difficulties are overcome by perseverance.

8. God loves a cheerful giver.

9. Has he not said it, and will he not do it?

10. Christopher Columbus discovered North America.

11. John Quincy Adams was the sixth President, of the United States.

12. Napoleon, at the head of a large army, crossed the Alps.

13. To study seemed his only desire.

14. To deceive is always wrong.

15. To swear is wrong.

16. To play is pleasant.

17. To despair is madness.

18. Never despair is a good motto.

19. Thou shalt not steal, is a divine command.

20. Henry, have you studied your lesson?

21. Welcome, little stranger.

22. Sarah, BE quiet.

23. Fellow-citizens, listen to my cause.

24. Teach me, Oh! Lord, to serve thee aright.

25. Our Father, who art in heaven.

26. Supper being finished, they left the table.

27. My father being weary, I relieved him.

28. The sun having risen, the clouds disappeared.

29. The teacher having been so long ill, his friends feared he would not recover.

30. The lieutenant led the men, the captain having been disabled.

Note : The teacher can add such additional exercises as may be deemed necessary.

Exercises in Syntax :

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