Exercises in Transitive Verb in Active Voice

Exercises in Transitive Verb in Active Voice :

Parse the Objectives which are the objects of Verbs aud Participles in the following sentences.

1. Charles lost his knife.

2. Mary found a book.

3. William has recited his lesson.

4. They may reach the station.

5. John caught a bird in the trap.

6. If you love God, keep his commandments.

7. Temperance promotes health.

8. The child, seeing its mother, ran to meet her.

9. The boys, having recited their lessons, were dismissed.

10. The thief, having stolen the horse, made his escape.

11. The dog might have bitten the boy on the hand, if he had not been watched by the driver.

12. The merchant sold a yard of cloth.

13. The family, having read a chapter, closed the Bible, and continued their devotions.

14. The teacher observed a boy breaking the rules.

15. After capturing the fort, the troops entered the city.

16. The man whom I saw, informed me that he had a collection of wild beasts, which he would exhibit if you would let him.

Paul said, “ Children, obey your parents."

17. God said, “Let there be light."

18. Boys love to play.

19. Charles desires to learn.

20. Every child should learn to rend.


Parse all the Nominatives and Verbs in the foregoing exercises.

Exercises in Transitive Verb in Active Voice :

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