Exercises in Verb and Subject Agreement Rules

Exercises in Verb and Subject Agreement Rules :

Parse the Verbs and Subjects in the following sentences.

1. Perseverance overcomes difficulties.

2. Difficulties are overcome by perseverance.

3. Forgive your enemies.

4. The lesson was recited by the class.

5. North America was discovered by Columbus.

6. Bless them that persecute you.

7. To study seemed his only desire.

8. To skate is a healthful amusement.

9. To contradict persons older and wiser than ourselves, violates the rules of politeness.

10. To be carnally minded is death.

11. A gunner and his dog were seen in the woods.

12. The father and daughter were buried in the same grave.

13. Famine, pestilence, and death follow in the warrior’s path.

14. My friend and teacher have gone to England.

15. That distinguished poet, orator and scholar has fallen.

16. Neither kindness nor harshness had the desired effect.

17. Neither gold nor silver is found in that country.

18. Neither time nor tide waits for man.

19. Neither the troops, nor their commander, were rewarded.

20. Neither John nor his friends were present.

21. Either the general or the soldiers are worthy of reward.

22. You and he are of the same opinion.

23. Yon and Susan have studied your lessons.

24. Yon and I have forgotten our books.

25. Either thou, or the teacher, or I am mistaken.

26. Either thou, or I, or the teacher is mistaken.

27. Either the teacher, or I or thou art mistaken.

28. The teacher, I and you are mistaken.

Exercises in Verb and Subject Agreement Rules :

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