fac & fact

ROOT-WORDS are FAC & FACT meaning MAKE. It comes from the Latin facere, factus, to make & to construct. Word No. 13 is a gem of a word. Many people murder FACTS and insist than they are innocent. However, the word facticide is so funny that is the general laughter, the fact can be restored to life without ill feelings roused. Try it!

1. Fact : FACT (fakt) n.

A thing done; a deed

2. Faction : FAC tion (fak’ shun) n.

A small group usually of dissent; a party in government

3. Factious : FAC tious (fak; shus) adj.

Inclined to dissent

4. Factor : FAC tor (fak; tor) n.

One who transacts business

5. Factor : FAC tor (fak’ tor) n.

One who transacts business

5. Factor : FAC tor (fak; tor) v.

To resolve into factors

6. Factory : FAC tory (fak’ to ree) n.

The place where workmen are employed in making goods of various kinds

7. Faculty : FAC ulty (fak; un lee) n.

Ability to act or do

8. Factotum : FAC toum (fak’ ul tee) n.

One who can do many things

9. Factitious : FAC titious (Fak tish’ us) adj.

Made by art, not produced by nature

10. Factive : FAC tive (fak; tive) adj.

Making; causing

11. Putrefactive : putre FAC tive (pyu tre fak’ tive) adj.

Causing decay; making a thing rotten

12. Satisfaction : satis FAC tion (sat is fak; shun) n.


e state in which everything is right

13. Facticide : FAC ticide (fak’ ti side) n.

The act of killing a fact

14. Facile : FAC ile (fas’ il) adj.

Easily achieved

15. Facility : FAC ility (fa sil’ it ee) n.

The quality of being easy to do

16. Facilitate : FAC ilitate (fa sil’ i tate) v.

To make easy to do

17. Facient : FAC ient (fay’ shent) n.

One who does things; a doer; an agent

18. Facsimile : FAC simile (fak sim; i lee) n.

A copy that is exact in every details

19. Manufacturer : manu FAC turer (manyu fak’ chur er) n.

The owner of a factory

20. Dissatisfaction : dissatis FAC tion (dis at is fak’ shun) n.

The state of being made unhappy; discontent

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