famous for being famous

famous for being famous

having no recognizable reason for your fame other than high media exposure


famous for fifteen minutes

(especially of an ordinary person) enjoying a brief period of fame before fading back into obscurity

In 1968, the pop artist Andy Warhol (1927-87) predicted that in the future everybody will be world famous for fifteen minutes. Short-lived celebrity or notoriety is now often referred to as fifteen minutes of fame.

famous last words

said as an ironic comment on or reply to an overconfident assertion that may well soon be proved wrong by events

This expression apparently originated as a catchphrase in mid 20th-century armed forces’ slang.

2000 - Canberra Sunday Times - Speaking from New York, he said…I expect NASDAQ to fall more than another 5 - 10 per cent. Famous last words, but I expect it to break 3000…that is about a 20 per cent descent.

famous for being famous :

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