feather own nest

feather your nest = feather own nest :

make money, usually illicitly and at someone else's expense

This phrase refers to the way in which some birds use feathers (their own or another bird's) to line the interior of their nest.

1998 - Spectator - It won't solve a damned thing except feather the nests of a lot of dodgy pen-pushers and party hacks.


a feather in your cap :

an achievement to be proud of

Originally (in the late 17th century), a feather in your cap was taken as a sign of foolishness. However, by the mid 18th century the phrase was acquiring its modern positive sense.

1998 - Times - To take six wickets in the last innings of the game was a feather in his cap.

in high feather = in fine feather :

in good spirits

The image here is of a bird in its breeding plumage, when it is in peak condition.

show the white feather :

appear cowardly - British dated

A white feather in a game bird's tail was considered to be an indication of bad breeding.

feather own nest :

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