feel his collar

feel his collar :

arrest or legally apprehend someone

The image here is of using a person's collar as a means of getting a secure grip on them.


feel your age :

become aware that you are growing older and less energetic

feel the draught :

experience an adverse change in your financial circumstances – informal

1992 - Daily Express - Redland felt the draught of George Wimpey's interim profits slide.

feel your oats :

feel lively and buoyant - US informal

Oats are used as feed for horses making them friskier and more energetic.

feel the pinch :

experience hardship, especially financial

feel the pulse of :

ascertain the general mood or opinion of

The image here is of literally determining someone's heart-rate by feeling and timing the pulsation of an artery.

1994 - Daily Mirror - Our new Housing Monitor will take the pulse of the housing market to keep you informed about the value of your most precious asset - your home.

feel his collar :

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