ROOT-WORD is FER which means BRING, BEAR & YIELD. It comes from the Latin ferre, to bring. The simplest word with this meaning is FERtile and not alone of the earth, but of the body and the mind. In your list you will find as many psychological inFERences AS PHYSICAL ONES. It’s a good key and yields a great deal.

1. Coniferous: coni FER ous (koe nif’ e rus) adj.

Bearing cones; as, pine trees

2. Circumference: circum FER ence (sir kum’ fe rens) n.

The line that goes around a circular plane

3. Deference: de FER ence (def’ e rens) n.

Respect for; courtesy

4. Fertile: FER tile (fer’ til) adj.

Bearing good fruit; yielding much

5. Fertilization: FER tilization (fert il I zay’ shun) n.

The act of causing to bear richly

6. Cross-fertilization: cross FER tilization (kros’ fert il I zay’ shun) n.

Fertilization from one type to another

7. Conference: con FER ence (kon’ fe rens) n.

A bringing together; a meeting

8. Reference: re FER ence (ref’ e rens) n.

A thought relating to a subject

9. Inference: in FER ence (in’ fe rens) n.

Carrying over a truth from one point to another

10. Odoriferous: odori FER ous (ode e rif’ e rus) adj.

Bearing an odor, usually pleasant

11. Preference: pre FER ence (pref’ e rens) n.

Bringing forward; as, the first choice

12. Suffer: suf FER (suf’ er) v.

To bear sorrow or pain

13. Transfer: trans FER (trans fer’) v.

To bring from one place to another

14. Proffer: prof FER (prof’ er) v.

To bring forward; to offer

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