fit the bill

fit the bill = fill the bill

be suitable for a particular purpose.

Bill in this context is a printed list of items on a theatrical programme or advertisement.


fit as a fiddle

in very good health

fit as a flea

in very good health

The phrase makes reference to a flea's agility.

fit for the gods


extremely pleasing

fit like a glove

(of clothes) fit exactly

1989 - T. M. Albert - Tales of an Ulster Detective - McNinch invited him to try the shoe on his foot, which he did and it fitted him like a glove.

fit to be tied

very angry – informal

1988 - Joan Smith - A Masculine Ending - He was fit to be tied when I separated from Hugh, and he seems to blame me for the whole thing.

fit to bust

with great energy

1992 - Daphne Glazer - The Last Oasis - I'd be rushing back at night, pedaling on my bike fit to bust.

give someone a fit

greatly shock, frighten or anger someone - informal

in fits

in a state of hysterical amusement – informal

by fits and starts = in fits and starts

with irregular bursts of activity

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