ROOT-WORD is FIX. It comes from the Latin figere, fixus, and it means just that FIX. It is a word commonly used and nearly always by itself, without Prefixes or Suffixes. The list contains words which seem strange at first, but we can grow accustomed to them.

1. Fix :FIX (fiks) n.

A difficult position; a dilemma

2. Fixate :FIX ate (fik’ sate) v.

To become fixed

3. Fixation :FIX ation (fik say’ shun) n.

The state of being attached; fixed

4. Fixative :FIX ative (fik’ sat iv) adj.

Causing to be fixed; attached

5. Fixator :FIX ator (fiks ay’ tor) n.

A thing that holds something in place

6. Fixature :FIX allure (fik’ sa ture) n.

A preparation used to fix or stiffen something

7. Fixedly :FIX edly (fik; sed lee) adv.

In the manner of being fastened to; as, looking at a person fixedly

8. Fixity :FIX ity (fik’ sit ee) n.

Quality of being fastened firmly in place

9. Fixer :FIX er (fik’ ser) n.

One whop adjusts claims

10. Fixture :FIX ture (fiks’ chur) n.

Furnishings fastened firmly in place, as shelves, a counter

11. Affix :af FIX (a fiks’) v.

To fix or fasten in any way; to seal

12. Affix :af FIX (a iks) n.

That which is attached to a word to producer another; as, aprefix or a suffix

13. Affixal :at FIX al (af’ ik sal) adj.

In the nature of an affix

14. Affixation :af FIX ation (af ik say’ shun) n.

The process of affixing a seal or a signature

15. Affixion :af FIX ion (a fik; shun) n.

Affixation; Nos. a 14 and 15 are synonyms

16. Affixer :af FIX er (a fiks’ er) n.

The official whose duty is to add a signature

17. Affixture :af FIX ture (a fiks’ ture) n.

Act of affixing; attachment

18. Transfix :trans FIX (trans fiks’) v.

To hold motionless; as, to transfix with horror

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