for a coons age

for a coon's age = in a coon's age

a very long time – North American informal

1951 - William Styron - Lie Down in Darkness - I haven't seen him in a coon's age.

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cool as a cucumber

perfectly cool or self-possessed

1992 - Randall Kenan - Let the Dead Bury Their Dead - How many men do you know, black or white, could bluff, cool as a cucumber, caught butt-naked in bed with a damn whore?

cool your heels

be kept waiting

A British variant of this is kick your heels. a gone coon

a person or thing in desperate straits or as good as dead - US informal

Coon in these idioms is an informal abbreviation of raccoon. Raccoons were hunted for their fur and a gone coon was one that had been cornered so that it could not escape.

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