ROOT-WORD is FUM which come from the Latin fumus meaning SMOKE and fumigare meaning to smoke out. It is interesting to see how SMOKE has come to mean anger. See Nos: 5 & 7. It is also associated with the gamy smell of old meats. Of course, fumed oak (No. 14) furniture is beautiful. Fumigation is necessary to health.

1. Fume : FUM e (fyume) n.

Smoke; odor; exhalation; state of excitement

2. Fume : FUM e (fyume) v.

To rage in an emotional outburst

3. Fumigatory : FUM igatory (fyue’ mi ga to ri) adj.

Having the quality of fumigating by smoke

4. Fumy : FUM y (fyue’ mee) adj.

Smoke like, as, a fumy smell

5. Furnish : FUM ish (fyume’ ish) adj.

Smoky; easily angered

6. Fumet : FUM et (fyue’ met) n.

Odor of meat which has been kept too long; a gamy smell

7. Fumous : FUM ous (fyue’ mus) adj.

Letting off fumes; easily angered

8. Fumiduct : FUM iduct (fyue’ mi duct) n.

An outlet for smoke; a chimney

9. Fumatory : FUM atory (fyue’ ma to ri) adj.

Concerned with smoking

10. Fumatorium : FUM atorium (fyue ma to’ ri um) n.

An airtight chamber for smoking out insect pests

11. Fumatory : FUM atory (fyue’ ma to ri) n.

The same as No. 10

12. Fumacious : FUM acious (fyue may’ shus) adj.

Addicted to smoking of tobacco

13. Fumiferous : FUM iferous (fyue mif’ er us) adj.

Producing smoke; as incinerators are fumiferous machines

14. Fumed oak : FUM ed oak (fyumed oke) n.

Oak which has been exposed to smoke to0 make it a weathered look

15. Fumigate : FUM igate (fyue’ mi gate) v.

Destroy germs by smoking them out; disinfect

16. Fumigation : FUM igation (fyue mi gay’ shun) n.

The act of disinfecting

17. Fumigant : FUM igant (fyue’ mi gant) n.

Any chemical used for fumigation

18. Fumigator : FUM igator (fyue’ mi gateor) n.

One who or that which fumigates

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