Future Tense

Future Tense :

  1. He will accept the offer.
  2. He will advise her.
  3. He will aim high.
  4. He will alter the plan.
  5. He will approach softly.
  6. He will capture the enemy.
  7. He will catch the ball.
  8. He will clean the room.
  9. He will confirm the face.
  10. He will decide the solution.
  11. He will drink water.
  12. He will earn money.
  13. He will excel at skill.
  14. He will face the problem.
  15. He will flash the photo.
  16. He will forget the matter.
  17. He will struggle a lot.
  18. He will trade skillfully.

  19. I will accept the job.
  20. I will advise you.
  21. I will apply for a job.
  22. I will change the plan.
  23. I will collect fund.
  24. I will desert you.
  25. I will dislike enemies.
  26. I will earn fame.
  27. I will follow her.
  28. I will forgive you.
  29. I will struggle a lot.
  30. I will trade skillfully.

  31. She will accept the money.
  32. She will admit her mistake.
  33. She will advise him.
  34. She will aim high.
  35. She will apply for a job.
  36. She will ban the worry.
  37. She will become a nurse.
  38. She will carry a basket.
  39. She will change the plan.
  40. She will collect stamps.
  41. She will correct her face.
  42. She will desert him.
  43. She will dislike T.V.
  44. She will escape from the house.
  45. She will explain the sum.
  46. She will fight well.
  47. She will follow him.
  48. She will forgive him.
  49. She will struggle a lot.
  50. She will trade skillfully.

  51. They are forgetting the plan
  52. They will admit their mistake.
  53. They will aim high.
  54. They will alter the plan.
  55. They will approach nicely.
  56. They will ban talking.
  57. They will become children.
  58. They will capture the enemy.
  59. They will carry a purse.
  60. They will catch the ball.
  61. They will clean the street.
  62. They will confirm the face.
  63. They will correct us.
  64. They will decide the solution.
  65. They will desert us.
  66. They will drink water.
  67. They will excel at skill.
  68. They will face the problem.
  69. They will fight well.
  70. They will flash the photo.
  71. They will follow us.
  72. They will struggle a lot.
  73. They will trade skillfully.

  74. We will alter the plan.
  75. We will approach kindly.
  76. We will ban jogging.
  77. We will become couple.
  78. We will capture the enemy.
  79. We will carry a table.
  80. We will catch the ball.
  81. We will change the plan.
  82. We will clean the ground.
  83. We will confirm the face.
  84. We will correct them.
  85. We will decide the solution.
  86. We will dislike every thing.
  87. We will drink liquor.
  88. We will earn money.
  89. We will escape from the house.
  90. We will excel at skill.
  91. We will explain matter.
  92. We will face the problem.
  93. We will flash the photo.
  94. We will forget the plan.
  95. We will forgive them.
  96. We will struggle a lot.
  97. We will trade skillfully.

  98. You wall escape from the house.
  99. You will admit your mistake.
  100. You will apply for a job.
  101. You will collect books.
  102. You will explain the poem.
  103. You will fight well.
  104. You will struggle a lot.
  105. You will trade skillfully.

Future Tense :


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