Fy is the root-word for many other words.


ROOT-WORD is the Suffix FY which means MAKE. It is very simple and is added to countless words. FY makes a verb, and the past tense is FIED. Just change the y to i and add ed. With this rule in mind you can do wonders with many words. Word No. 15 is a humorous word and we must cherish it, as it does much to win the audience over to a speaker or reader. Transmogrified, as you see in the word analysis, means taken across from one world to another, completely change, in an absurd way.

1. Vitrify : vitri FY (vi’ tri fie) v.

To make into glass; make vireous

2. Zincify : zinci FY (zink’ i fie) v.

To coat with zinc; galvanize

3. Calcify : calci FY (kal’ si fie) v.

To harden; to become stony

4. Diversify : diversi FY (di ver’ si fie) v.

To make various in form or color

5. Dulcify : dulci FY (dul’ si fie) v.

To make sweet; to render agreeable; as, dulcify a medicine

6. Fortify : forti FY (fort’ i fie) v.

To strengthen; as, to fortify with troops

7. Fructify : fructi FY (fruk’ ti fie) v.

To make fruitful

8. Putrefy : putre FY (pyu’ tre fie) v.

To cause to decay; to cause to rot

9. Ratify : rati FY (rat’ i fie) v.

To approve; to comfirm; as, to ratify a treaty

10. Saponify : saponi FY (sa pon’ i fie) v.

To make into soap

11. Simplify : simpli FY (sim’ pli fie) v.

To make easy to understand

12. Stultify : stulti FY (stul’ ti fie) v.

To make appear stupid

13. Terrify : terri FY (ter’ i fie) v.

To frighten

14. Testify : testi FY (tes’ ti fie) v.

To bear witness

15. Transmogrify : transmogri FY (trans mog’ ri fie) v.

To alter completely; to render grotesque or humorous

16. Verify : veri FY (ver’ i fie) v.

To affirm the truth of, with proof

17. Vilify : vili FY (vil’ i fie) v.

To make lower in importance; to insult with abusive language

18. Unify : uni FY (yue’ ni fie) v.

To make as one

19. Amplify : ampli FY (am’ pli fie) v.

To enlarge; expand; as, amplify sound

20. Beatify : beati FY (be at’ i fie) v.

To make blissfully happy

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