Glossary of Solar System

Glossary of Solar System :

atmosphere : layer of goses surrounding a planet

axis : an imaginary line which passes through a planet from the North to the South Pole

core : the central part of a planet

crater : a hollow resulting from the collision of an object with a planet

dwarf star : a smaller-sized star (our Sun is a yellow dwarf star)

elliptical : the shape of an oval

gamma rays : high-energy waves that come from a radioactive source

gravity : the force that attracts all bodies in the Universe to each other

greenhouse effect : the heating that occurs when gases trap heat and stop it from escaping a planet's atmosphere

hemisphere : one half of a planet

Kuipcr Belt : disk-shaped region of minor planets and ice outside the orbit of Neptune

mass : the amount of matter in an object

meteorite : piece of metal or stone from outer spoce that has reached Earth

nuclear reaction : collision of atoms giving off energy

orbit : the path that on object makes around another object

proximity : closeness between two objects

radiates : giving off heat or light

radiation : the release of energy in the form of waves or rays

revolution : the movement of a heavenly body in an orbit around another heavenly body

rotation : turning round ond round like o wheel

satellite : an object that revolves around o planet

sulphuric acid : a strong mineral acid

ultraviolet : invisible rays in sunlight

waning : getting smoller

water ice : water frozen in the solid state

waxing : getting bigger

Glossary of Solar System :

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