go by the board

go by the board

(of something planned or previously upheld) be abandoned, rejected or ignored.

In former times, go by the board was a i nautical term meaning fall overboard and j was used of a mast falling past the board (i.e. the side of the ship).

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above board

honest….not secret

Above board was originally a gambling term, indicating fair play by players who kept their hands above the board (i.e. the table).

across the board

across the board applying to all

In the USA, this expression refers to a horse-racing bet in which equal amounts are staked on the same horse to win, place or show in a race.

1999 - Wall Street Journal - The decline for the euro across the board was mainly attributed to the further erosion of global investors confidence toward the euro-zone economy.

on board

as a member of a team or group – informal

On board literally means on or in a ship, aircraft or other vehicle or (of a jockey) riding a horse.

take something on board

fully consider or assimilate a new idea or situation – informal

tread the boards = walk the boards

appear on stage as an actor - informal

go by the board :

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