good and

good and

used as an intensifier before an adjective or adverb - informal

1998 - Barbara Kingsolver - The Poisonwood Bible - As soon as I had her good and terrified I'd slip away.


all to the good

to be welcomed without qualification

as good as

very nearly

1997 - Cosmopolitan - If you are famous, you can't allow someone to diss you without retaliating - it's as good as admitting they're more important than you.

as good as gold

extremely well-behaved

as good as new

in a very good condition or state, especially close to the original state after damage, injury or illness

be good news

be an asset

be commendable or admirable - informal

be in good company

be in the same situation as someone important or respected

be to the good

have a specified amount of profit or advantage

1992 - Guardian - By then Sheffield were a goal to the good.

come up with the goods = deliver the goods

do what is expected or required of you – informal

get the goods on someone = have the goods on someone

obtain (or possess) information about a person which may be used to their detriment – informal

good oil

reliable information – Australian informal

This expression has behind it the image of oil that is used to lubricate a machine and so ensure that it runs well.

good Samaritan

a charitable or helpful person

In the Bible, Jesus tells the parable of a man who went down from Jerusalem to Jericho and fell among thieves (Luke : 10). The first two people who came across him lying stripped and wounded by the side of the road passed by on the other side. It was the third man, a Samaritan (i.e. a man from Samaria) who took pity on him and helped him.

have a good mind to do something

be very much inclined to do something

in good time

with no risk of being late

in due course but without haste

in his good books

in favour with someone

make good

be successful

no good to gundy

no good at all – Australian informal

1955 - Nina Pulliam - I Traveled a Lonely Land – Just cards and races and booze—and fighting. No good to Gundy!

one good turn deserves another

if someone does you a favour, you should take the chance to repay it

take something in good part

not be offended by something

up to no good

doing or intending to do something wrong – informal

1997 - Iain Sinclair - Lights Out for the Territory - 'Here we are then,' he said, 'two boyos from the valleys up to no good in the big, wicked city.”

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