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After a workshop we gave on essay writing, a student approached us with a bewildered look. He said, “I understand the importance of a good essay and I even have some ideas. But I’m planning to apply to a lot of colleges and I don’t think I can write that many good essays.”

Fortunately, we reassured him that he would not have to dedicate the next six months of his life to writing essays. The solution to his problem is recycling.

Recycling has nothing to do with aluminum cans (although we encourage that type of recycling as well) but everything to do with saving time. After all, why go through the difficult and time-consuming essay-writing process again and again to answer each school’s essay questions when you can often modify a few essays to answer all of them? Most students find that if they write just a handful of good essays, they have enough to answer an almost unlimited number of uestions.

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Good College Admission Essay :

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