grad, gred & gress

ROOT-WORDS are GRAD, GRED & GRESS meaning STEP, DEGREE & WALK. This ROOT is a most interesting one to us in this stage of our vocabulary building. No sooner do we put two roots together to make a word (see No.10) than we can think of another root and still another on to add to it. And all by adding one root at a time. The Latin adverb Gradatim! Beautifully expresses the method of this book. One ROOT-WORD A DAY! STEP BY STEP1 brings you to SUCCESS!

1. Gradal : GRAD al (grade’ al) adj.

Relating to grade or degree

2. Gradate : GRAD ate (gray’ date) v.

To blend into another color

3. Gradation : GRAD ation (gray day’ shun) n.

Act or process of grading; gradual advance

4. Gradient : GRAD ient (grade’ ee ent) n.

A gentle slope

5. Gradiometer : GRAD iometer (gray di om’ e) n.

An instrument used in civil engineering

6. Gradual : GRAD ual (graj’ u al) adj.

Proceeding by small steps and degree

7. Grado : GRAD o (gra’ do) n.

(Music) A degree of the scale

8. Gradometer : GRAD ometer (grade om’ e ter) n.

An instrument for measuring slopes

9. Aggressive : as GRESS ive (a gres’ iv) adj.

Tending to attack; to encroach

10. Congress : con GRESS (kon’ gres) n.

A getting together; a body of lawmakers

11. Digress : di GRESS (die gres’) v.

Step aside; wander off the subject

12. Egress : e GRESS (ee’ gres) n.

The way out; exit

13. Ingredient : in GRED ient (in grede’ ee ent) n.

One of the elements which enter into a mixture; as, the ingredients of a cake

14. Gressorial : GRESS orial (gre sore’ ee al) adj.

Adapted for walking

15. Progress : pro GRESS (pro gres’) v.

To go forward; advance

16. Degrade : de GRAD e(de grade’) v.

Put a step lower; debase

17. Graduation : GRAD uation (graj u ay’ shun) n.

Promotion to a degree

18. Gradienter : GRAD ienter (gray’ ei en ter) n.

An instrument for leveling

19. Degree : de GREE (de gree’) n.

A step in advancement; a gradation

20. Graduated : GRAD uated (graj’ u ate ed) adj.

Marked for contents at various levels; as a graduated glass

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