Grammar Tenses

Grammar Tenses : Future Tense

  1. He will satisfy us.
  2. He will screen a movie.
  3. He will show a film.
  4. He will slice the bread.
  5. He will smile gently.
  6. He will stop the car.
  7. He will suffer from fever.
  8. He will swim swiftly.
  9. He will tackle the problem.
  10. He will think deeply.
  11. He will travel to Chennai.
  12. He will use the chance.
  13. He will vacate the room.
  14. He will walk slowly.
  15. He will waste the money.

  16. I will ring the bell.
  17. I will say good morning.
  18. I will select the best answer.
  19. I will show a watch.
  20. I will slow the scooter.
  21. I will stimulate the enemy.
  22. I will stop the bike.
  23. I will surprise you.
  24. I will talk quietly.
  25. I will transfer the account.
  26. I will turn pale.
  27. I will utilize exactly.
  28. I will work in a college.

  29. She will ring the bell.
  30. She will say hai.
  31. She will select the best answer.
  32. She will slow the car.
  33. She will stimulate the enemy.
  34. She will study a lesson.
  35. She will surprise us.
  36. She will talk nicely.
  37. She will taste the coffee.
  38. She will transfer the account.
  39. She will turn pale.
  40. She will utilize correctly.
  41. She will vote for ruling party.
  42. She will want a cake.
  43. She will work in a school.

  44. They will satisfy us.
  45. They will screen a movie.
  46. They will select the best answer.
  47. They will slice the fruits.
  48. They will slow the auto.
  49. They will smile beautifully.
  50. They will stop talking.
  51. They will suffer from stomach pain.
  52. They will swim splendidly.
  53. They will tackle us.
  54. They will talk continuously.
  55. They will taste the bread.
  56. They will think gradually.
  57. They will travel to Delhi.
  58. They will use the bike.
  59. They will vacate the house.
  60. They will vote for ruling party
  61. They will want juice.

  62. We will satisfy him.
  63. We will screen a movie.
  64. We will show a toy to our child.
  65. We will slice the vegetables.
  66. We will stimulate the enemy.
  67. We will study Botany.
  68. We will suffer from stomach pain.
  69. We will surprise them.
  70. We will swim quickly.
  71. We will tackle her.
  72. We will taste the juice.
  73. We will travel to Mysore.
  74. We will walk slowly.
  75. We will waste money.

  76. You will ring the bell.
  77. You will say good evening.
  78. You will smile gracefully.
  79. You will study Physic.
  80. You will think calmly.
  81. You will transfer the account.

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