have it both ways

have it both ways

benefit from two incompatible ways of thinking or behaving

1998 - New Scientist - It is only now dawning on the legislators that they cannot have it both ways - that cleanliness and ecological friendliness are incompatible.


have had it

be in a very poor condition

be beyond repair or past its best

be extremely tired

have lost all chance of survival

be unable to tolerate someone or something any longer – informal

have it away = have it away on your toes

leave quickly - British informal

got it in for = have it in for

have a particular dislike of someone and behave in a hostile manner towards them – informal

have it in you to do something = got it in you to do something

have the capacity or potential to do something – informal

have it out with someone

attempt to resolve a contentious matter by confronting someone and engaging in a frank discussion or argument – informal

got nothing on someone = have nothing on someone = got nothing on something = have nothing on something

be not nearly as good as someone or something, especially in a particular respect

1998 - Barbara Kingsolver - The Poisonwood Bible - Those glassy museum stares have got nothing on you, my uncaptured favorite child, wild as the day is long.

have one too many

become slightly drunk

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