have the bug

have the bug = be bitten by the bug

develop a sudden strong enthusiasm for something

Related Idioms and Phrases :

in the buff

naked – informal

The original meaning of buff in English was buffalo and it later came to mean ox hide or the colour of ox hide. In the buff itself comes from buff leather, a type of yellowish-beige ox hide formerly used in military uniform, the colour of which was regarded as comparable to that of human skin.


vulgar slang

bugger all


bugger me

used to express surprise or amazement

play silly buggers

act in a foolish way

Buggins' turn

appointment in rotation rather than by merit

Buggins is used here to represent a typical or generic surname.

built on sand

without secure foundations

liable to collapse

This phrase comes from the parable contrasting the wise man who built his house on rock with the fool who built his on sand (Matthew 7 : 24 - 7).

have the bulge on = get the bulge on

have or get an advantage over - British informal

bulging at the seams = bursting at the seams

(of a place or building) full to overflowing – informal

like a bull at a gate

hastily and without thought

like a bull in a china shop

behaving recklessly and clumsily in a place or situation where you are likely to cause damage or injury

a red rag to a bull

an object, utterance or act which is certain to provoke or anger someone

The colour red was traditionally supposed to provoke a bull and is the colour of the cape used by matadors in bull fighting.

1998 - Times - Such talk is like a red rag to a bull at the Soil Association.

take the bull by the horns = grab the bull by the horns

deal bravely and decisively with a difficult, dangerous or unpleasant situation.

2000 - Andrew Calcutt - Brit Cult - The government has failed to take the bull by the horns, thereby granting hunt sabs a new lease of life.

bite the bullet

face up to doing something difficult or unpleasant

stoically avoid showing fear or distress

This phrase dates from the days before anaesthetics, when wounded soldiers were given a bullet or similar solid object to clench between their teeth when undergoing surgery.

1998 - Joyce Holms - Bad Vibes- Once he accepted it as inevitable he usually bit the bullet and did what was required of him with a good grace.

sweat bullets

be extremely anxious or nervous - North American informal

bully for

well done! good for (you, them, etc.)!

This expression takes its origin from the US colloquial sense of bully meaning first-rate recorded since the mid 19th century.

have the bug :

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