Helping Verbs

Helping Verbs :

When do you use the present progressive tense? To talk about actions in the present, or things that are still going on or happening now.

For examples :

Mom is knitting a sweater for Sally.
I am writing a letter.
The phone is ringing.
I’m playing chess with my friend.
She’s riding a horse.
He’s taking a walk in the park.
The man’s counting the money.
They are practicing tai chi.
We’re rushing to the airport to meet Mr. Smith.
They are still sleeping.
They are swimming in the sea.
What are they doing?
What’s happening?
Why aren’t you doing your homework?
Aren’t I sitting up straight?

Form the present progressive tense like this….

For examples :

am + present participle
is + present participle
are + present participle

The present participle is the form of a verb ending with -ing.

For examples :

show + ing = showing
walk + ing = walking
come + ing = coming

You have to double the last letter of some verbs before you add -ing.

For examples :

get + ing = getting rob + ing = robbing
nod + ing = nodding stop + ing = stopping
jog + ing = jogging swim + ing = swimming

Notice that the verbs above are all short verbs of just one syllable.

They all end with a consonant such as b, d, g, m, p, t and have only one vowel before the consonant.

If a verb ends in e, you usually have to drop the e before you add -ing.

For examples :

chase + ing = chasing
cycle + ing = cycling
drive + ing = driving
smile + ing = smiling
Come + ing = coming
Go + ing = going
Run + ing = running
Ask + ing = asking
Sleep + ing = sleeping
Catch + ing = catching
Fall + ing = falling
Write + ing = writing
Jump + ing = jumping
Drop + ing = dropping
Climb + ing = climbing
Bring + ing = bringing

Use the present progressive tense to talk about things you have planned to do, or things that are going to happen in the future. To form the present progressive tense, use am, is and are as helping verbs or auxiliary verbs.

When are you taking me to the zoo?
We are having a barbecue later this evening.
We are going camping tomorrow.
I’m starting piano lessons soon.
Jim’s parents are taking him to Texas next week.
My favorite TV program is starting in a minute.
All our friends are coming.
Who’s bringing salad for the barbecue? I am.
I am visiting Joe next week.
Where are you going for your vacation?
What are we eating for dinner?

They are enjoying the roller-coaster ride.
Jill is wahing her hair.
It is getting dark.
The dentist is examining Sue’s teeth.
The train is passing through the tunnel.
The men are working very hard in the sun.
What is the theater showing today?
We are making a snowman.
The plane is flying above the clouds.
The teachers are having a meeting.

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