How to use DO?

How to use DO? :

Use do, does and did to talk about actions.

Use do with the pronouns I, you, we and they and with plural nouns. Use does with the pronouns he, she and it and singular nouns.

Did is the simple past tense of do and does.

Dad does the dishes.
Mom does the cooking.
We always do exercise together.
He does such interesting work.
They do amazing tricks.
Who did this drawing? Henry did.
Sally did her hair in front of the mirror.
They did the dusting and cleaning.
Jane did all the laundry by herself.
You did well in the test.
I did poorly on my exam.

Here’s a table to remind you about the use of do and does.

First person Singular….I do
First person Plural….we do
Second person Singular….you do
Second person Plural….you do
Third person Singular…. he does
Third person Singular….she does
Third person Singular….it does
Third person Plural….they do

Here’s a table to remind you about the use of the verb did.

First person Singular….I did
First person Plural….we did
Second person Singular….you did
Second person Plural….you did
Third person Singular…. he did
Third person Singular….she did
Third person Singular….it did
Third person Plural….they did

Learn these contractions.

do not = don’t
does not = doesn’t
did not = didn’t

You can also use do, does and did as helping verbs to ask and answer questions.

Where did you find the wallet?
Do ducks like water? Yes, they do.
Do you like ice cream? Yes, I do.
Does it rain often here? Yes, it does.
Does he enjoy music? Yes, he does.
Did it snow last night? No, it didn’t.
Who wants to come with me to the zoo? We all do!
What do you want for lunch?
Who broke this vase? Peter did!
Does Ken often come home late? Yes, he does.
Why did he leave so suddenly?
Does everyone have a dictionary?

Use do not, does not and did not to make other verbs negative.

The baby does not look very happy.
Dad did not catch his train.
The garden looks lovely, doesn’t it?
Yes, it does.
Cats do not like water.
I don’t enjoy difficult math tests.
Sophie doesn’t want to go to school.
He didn’t get to the station in time.
Don’t you have a ticket? No, I don’t.
Don’t they go to the gym on Mondays? Yes, they do.
Didn’t they win? No, they didn’t.
You didn’t draw that picture yourself, did you?
Did you see the rainbow? No, I didn’t.
Do not forget to switch off the air conditioner.
Don’t tell lies!

The shoes were too small. They did not fit me.
Jack does not do well on the exam last week.
Where do eggs come from?
The vase is broken. Who did break that?
What does this word mean?
How does the computer work?
Did he drink coffee?
Who did that drawing?
Where did you buy that dress?
How do you spell your name?
Do not play on a busy street!
Do your work quietly!
Does a snake have legs?
He does not have any brothers.
Do cats like to eat fish?

How to use DO? :

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