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ROOT-WORDS are HYPEN & HYPNO which come from the Greek Hypnos meaning SLEEP. This ROOT is the basis of the vocabulary of HYPNOtism. There is no magic in hypnotism. Rather it is psychological. An essential factor of hypnotism is suggestion. In the eighteenth century a doctor, Franz A Mesmer, invented a technique which was called by his name, mesmerism. It was found to be a fraud. After that the term hypnotism was used.

1. Hypnobate : HYPNO bate (hip’ no bate) n.

A sleepwalker; somnambulist

2. Hypnogenesis : HYPNO genesis (hip noe jen’ e sis) n.

Production of the hypnotic state

3. Hypnogenetic : HYPNO genetic (hip noe je net’ ik) adj.

Inducing hypnotism

4. Hypnoidal : HYPN oidal (hip noid’ al) adj.

Relating to hypnosis or sleep

5. Hypnoidize : HYPN oidize (hip’ noid ize) v.

Induce into a hypnoidal state

6. Hypnology : HYPNO logy (hip nol’ o ji) n.

Science which treats of hypnotic sleep

7. Hypnophobia : HYPNO pompic (hip no pom’ pik) adj.

Dispelling sleep: walkaing

9. Hypnos : HYPNOS (hip’ nos) n.

The god of sleep

10. Hypnosis : HYPNO sis (hip noe’ sis) n.

State resembling sleep induced by suggestion

11. Hypnotic : HYPNO tic (hi[ not’ ik) adj.

Inducing sleep; soporific

12. Hypnotism : HYPNO tic (hip not’ ik) adj.

The study and practice of hypnosis

13. Hypnotism : HYPNO tism (hip’ no tiz um) n.

One who practices hypnotism

14. Hypnotize : HYPNO tize (hip’ no tize) v.

To induce sleep by hypnotism

15. Hypnotherapy : HYPNO therapy (hip noe ther’ a pee) n.

Treatment of disease by hypnosis

16. Hypnotoid : HYPNO toid (hip’ no toid) adj.

Resembling hypnotism

17. Hypnotizable : HYPNO tizable (hip’ no tie za b’l) adj.

Can be hypnotized

18. Hypnagogic : HYPN agogic (hip no goj’ ik) adj.

Bringing on sleep

19. Hypnophobic : HYPNO phobic (hip no foe’ bik) adj.

Having fear of sleep

20. Hypnesthesis : HYPN esthesis (hip nes thee’ sis) n.

Dulled sensibility

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