ROOT-WORD is the Prefix HYPO which means SUB, UNDER & LESS. It is an amazingly rich one and has access to many doors in many places. You will find that it opens the way to understanding terms of anatomy, zoology, music, medicine, botany, psychiatry, right in this short list. There are many other words which you will wish to find for yourself. You will find roots you know repeated in new words and you will find roots that mean the opposite of roots already learned. Watch pronunciation in HYPOcrite.

1. Hypo : HYPO (hie’ po) n.

Short for hypodermic

2. Hypobenthos : HYPO benthos (hie po ben’ thos) n.

Deep sea fauna

3. Hypobulia : HYPO bulia (hie po bue’ li a) n.

Increasing disability to make decisions or to act

4. Hypochondria : HYPO chondria (hie po kon’ dree a) n.

Morbid anxiety about one’s health

5. Hypochromia : HYPO chromia (hie po kroe’ mi a) n.

Deficiency in pigmentation

6. Hypochrosis : HYPO chrosis (hie po kroe’ sis) n.

Anemia caused by lack of hemoglobin

7. Hypocotyl : HYPO cotyl (hie’ po kot yl) n.

That part of the plant below the cotyledons; the stem

8. Hypocrisy : HYPO crisy (hip ok’ ri see) n.

Outward show; deceit

9. Hypocrite : HYPO crite (hip’ o krit) n.

One who plays a part to win favor; a dissembler

10. Hypocytosis : HYPO cytosis (hie po sie toe’ sis) n.

Lack of red corpuscles in the blood

11. Hypoderma : HYPO derma (hie po der’ ma) n.

The tissue under the epidermis that strengthens it

12. Hypodermic : HYPO dermic (hie po der’ mik) n.

An injection under the skin

13. Hypodiapason : HYPO diapason (hip o die a pay’ zon) n.

An octave measuring downward

14. Hypoglottis : HYPO glottis (hie po glot’ is) n.

The under side of the tongue

15. Hypomania : HYPO mania (hie po may’ nee a) n.

A mild manic excitement

16. Hypoplasia : HYPO plasia (hie po play’ zha) n.

A condition of arrested development of limb or organ

17. Hypopraxia : HYPO praxia (hie po prak’ si a) n.

Lack of sufficient activity

18. Hypotaxia : HYPO taxia (hie po tak’ si a) n.

Loss of control of the will

19. Hypothesis : HYPO thesis (hie poth’ e sis) n.

Something assumed for the sake of argument

20. Hypotetical : HYPO thetical (hie po thet’ i k’l) adj.

Assumed for the sake of argument; as, a hypothetical question

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