Know Your Next Word : impound

6. impound :

verb :

1. to shut up in a pound or other enclosure, as a stray animal

2. to confine within an enclosure or within limits : water impounded in a reservoir

3. to seize and retain in custody of the law, as a document for evidence

noun :

4. money, property, etc., that has been impounded : a sale of impounds by the police department

Related Forms :

impoundable : adjective

impounder : noun

impoundment : noun

  • The customs agents impounded the illegal shipment.

  • By damming the stream, the engineers impounded its waters for irrigation.

  • a governor who impounded monies designated for use by cities

  • impounding disputed electoral ballots

  • capture and impound stray dogs

  • a sale of impounds by the police department

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