in his corner

in his corner

on someone's side

giving someone support

This idiom and fight your corner is boxing metaphors and refers to the diagonally opposite corners taken by opponents in a boxing match. Trainers and assistants are in a boxer's corner to offer support and encouragement between rounds.

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cut corners

undertake something in what appears to be the easiest, quickest or cheapest way, often by omitting to do something important or ignoring rules.

This phrase comes from cutting (off) the corner which means taking the shortest course by going across and not round a corner.

fight your corner

defend your position or interests.

the four corners of the world = the far corners of the world = the four corners of the earth = the far corners of the earth

remote regions of the earth, far away from each other

1999 - Katie Hickman - Daughters of Britannia – In amongst the fishing boats and the caiques sailed innumerable vessels from all four corners of the earth.

paint yourself into a corner

leave yourself no means of escape or room to maneuver

turn the corner

pass the critical point and start to improve

in his corner :

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