in small doses

in small doses

experienced or engaged in a little at a time

1994 - American Spectator - In small doses, ironical detachment is as necessary for getting along in life as any of the other human qualities.


a dose of your own medicine

the same bad treatment that you have given to others

The idea of taking or receiving your own medicine has been in metaphorical use since the mid 19th century.

1994 - Eoin McNamee - Resurrection Man – Every time you turn on the telly there's some politician talking the mouth off himself, dose of their own medicine's what they want.

like a dose of salts

very fast and efficiently - British informal

The salts referred to in this expression are laxatives.

1991 - Peter Carey - The Tax Inspector - She's going to go through your old man like a dose of salts.

in small doses :

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