Indirect Objects

Indirect Objects :

Some verbs have two objects. The direct object receives the action of the verb. The indirect object tells to whom or for whom the action is done.

Dad bought James a bike.

In this sentence, DAD is the SUBJECT.

The indirect object usually comes before the direct object.


  1. The bank lends people money.
  2. Madison is making her doll a dress.
  3. I am writing Grandma a letter.
  4. Grandma is reading Diana a story.
  5. Andrew gave his dog a bone.
  6. We left you some food.
  7. Joshua is showing us his stamps.
  8. Miss Lee found Alice a chair.
  9. Dad gave Dave a present.
  10. Mom is making the children a meal.
  11. Mr. Thomas bought them ice cream cones.
  12. I sent Anne a birthday card.
  13. Granny told us a story.
  14. The waiter brought the guests their drinks.
  15. Can I get you a sandwich?
  16. The police officer showed us the way to the museum.

  1. Anne has drawn a panda.
  2. They are playing table tennis.
  3. Little Kate knows the alphabet well.
  4. Dad bought a computer.
  5. I am writing a letter.
  6. Birds have feathers.
  7. The workmen are building a house.
  8. Samantha has a pretty doll.
  9. The children received one gift each.
  10. Do you know the answer?

Indirect Objects :

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