ROOT-WORDS are INTELLECT & INTELLIG meaning POWER TO KNOW & THINK. This key is really a combination of INTER, between, and legere, to gather, collect. Do not confuse this LEGO with the lex, leg which means law. This LEGO comes from legere, lectus, to collect.

1. Intellect : INTELLECT (int’ el ekt) n.

The human faculty to know and understand

2. Intellectual : INTELLECT ual (int el ek’ chu al) adj.

Relating to the power to know and understand; as, intellectual faculties

3. Intellectual : INTELLECT ual (in el ek’ chu al) n.

One who is guided by the power to know; as, he is an intellectual

4. Intellectualize : INTELLECT ualize (int el ek’ chu a lize) v.

To make into rational thoughts

5. Intelligent : INTELLIG ent (in tel; i jent) adj.

Having the power to think and know; as, an intelligent man

6. Intelligently : INTELLIG ently (in tel’ i jent ly) adv.

In the manner of an intelligent person

7. Intelligence : INTELLIG ence (in tel’ i jens) n.

The capacity to understand

8. Intelligible : INTELLIG ible (in tel’ i ji b’l) adj.

Can be understood

9. Intelligibility : INTELLIG ibility (in tel i ji bil’ it ee) n.

Quality of being understandable; clearness

10. Intelligenced : INTELLIG enced (in tel’ i jensd) adj.


11. Intelligencer : INTELLIG encer (in tel’ i jen ser) n.

An informer; a secret agent

12. Intelligential : INTELLIG entail (in tel i jen’ shal) adj.

Relating to the power to know and think

13. Intellectualist : INTELLIG ualist (in te lek’ tu al ist) n.

One who is devoted to intellectual activity

14. Intelligentsia : INTELLIG entsia (in tel i jen’ see a) n.

The artistic, intellectual class of people

15. Unintelligent : un INTELLIG ent (un in tel’ i jent) adj.

Not using the power to think and understand

16. Unintelligently : un INTELLIG ently (un in tel’ i jent ly)

In an unthinking manner

17. Unintelligible : un INTELLIG ible (un in tel’ i ji b’l) adj.

Not clear; not understood

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