ROOT-WORD is the Suffix ISTwhich means ONE WHO & THAT WHICH. It is easily added to nouns, as, art - artIST. To that can be added the Suffix IC and we have an adjective, artISTIC. To that can be added the compound suffix ALLY and we have the adverb, artISTICALLY. So to the little word art is added a double compound suffix. It is truly amazing how flexible and accommodating these ROOTS are. They are ready at all times and in all places to extend themselves and to give their influence where it helps.

1. Accompanist : accompany IST (a komp’ a nist) n.

One who plays an accompaniment to a soloist

2. Alarmist : alarm IST (a lar’ mist) n.

One who excites alarms needlessly

3. Artist : art IST (art’ ist) n.

One who creates a work of art; a painter, musician

4. Biologist : biolog IST (bie ol’ o jist) n.

One versed in biology, the science of living things

5. Bigamist : bigam IST (big’ a mist) n.

One married to two wives at the same time

6. Chemist : chem. IST (kem’ ist) n.

One well versed in chemistry, the science of the composition of substances

7. Dentist : dent IST (dent’ ist) n.

One who practices dentistry, the care of teeth

8. Evangelist : evangel IST (ee van’ je list) n.

One who rouses religious fervor

9. Violinist : violin IST (vie o lin’ list) n.

One who is an artist with the violin

10. Humanist : human IST (hyue’ ma nist) n.

One who is interested in human values

11. Legalist : legal IST (lee’ ga list) n.

One who is expert in law and legal procedures

12. Monarchist : monarch IST (mon’ ar kist) n.

One who believes in monarchy as a government

13. Naturalist : natural IST (nach’ u ra list)n.

One who is expert in nature studies

14. Optometrist : Optometr IST (op tom’ e trist) n.

One who prescribes corrective lenses and exercises to improve defective vision

15. Pianist : pian IST (pee an’ ist) m.

One who is an artist at the piano

16. Racist : ras IST (ray’ sist) n.

One who has racial prejudices

17. Sociologist : sociologist (so see ol’ o jist) n.

One who is versed in sociology, the study of the affairs and institutions of society

18. Terrorist : terror IST (ter’ or ist) n.

One who uses fear as a weapon of power

19. Geologist : geolog IST (jee ol’ o jist) n.

One who works in the field of geology, the study of the history of the earth as recorded in rocks

20. Cellist : cell IST (chel’ ist) n.

One who is an artist with the cello

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