Jack be nimble...

Jack be nimble :

It is raining.

It was raining heavily outside that Monday morning. An old man was still sleeping and snoring loudly in his bed. He was supposed to get ready for work but he could not get up.

The previous night, he bumped his head on the bedpost when he climbed onto his bed to sleep. His head was very swollen.

Therefore, he felt sick that morning. He had to lie in bed to rest his swollen head. Only after few days, he was completely cured.

Moral of the story :

Avoid being hasty and do things carefully. Do your works slow so that you will enjoy them.

Jack and Jill

One evening, a boy called Jack and his sister called Jill went up a small hill near their house. They wanted to fetch a pail of water. But on their way down, Jack’s feet tripped over some roots. Jack fell down and broke the crown of his head. Jill, who was walking beside Jack, also fell and tumbled down the hill after him.

Jack was hurt but Jill was alright. She got up and helped Jack up to his feet. They went home as fast as they could. Jill helped Jack to mend his broken head using vinegar and brown paper. With the help of Jill, Jack was normalized and became mobile.

Moral of the story :

Be careful in whatever you are doing. Otherwise you will be caught in troubles. If your friend is in trouble, you should help your friend in any way. A friend in deed is a friend indeed. You should be the first person to help your friends who are in troubles.

Jack be nimble

There was a little boy called Jack who was very active and quick. He liked to jump and do many other stunts. He was so noisy that his friends avoided him.

One day, he jumped over a candle stick. He was so happy he did it. But his mother saw this and called after him. Jack started to run away.

“Young man! Please, do not do that again. It is dangerous and I do not want you to get hurt," said Jack s mother. Jack stopped running and said sorry to his mother.

Moral of the story :

You can be as active as you like but avoid doing anything dangerous. By being active, you can give enthusiasm to your friends as well. Then only your life will be joyful and momentous.

Jack be nimble :


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