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ROOT-WORDS are JUD, JUDI & JUDIC meaning JUDGE & LAWYER. Note how the Prefixes AD and AB do their job. The word is turned upside down when AB is used, the JUDGE can even throw the case out of court. In Roman law the judex was just like a modern arbitrator. Watch the Prefix carefully before you decide on the meaning of a word.

1. Judge : JUD ge (juj) n.

A public officer who has the authority to give judgment

2. Judgment : JUD gment (juj’ ment) n.

An opinion or decision

3. Judicable : JUDIC able (jud’ i ka b’l) adj.

Capable of being judged

4. Judicate : JUDIC ate (jue’ di kate) v.

To judge

5. Judicative : JUDIC ative (jud’ i kate iv) adj.

Judicial; as, the judicative faculty

6. Judicator : JUDIC ator (jue’ di kay tor) n.

A judge

7. Judicatory : JUDIC atory (jud’ i ka tore ee) adj.

Exercising judicial functions; as, a judicatory tribunal

8. Judicature : JUDI ature (jud’ i ka chur) n.

The act of judging, as, the honor of a judge is his judicature

9. Judicial : JUDI cial (ju dish’ al) adj.

Relating to administration of justice; as, judicial power

10. Judicious : JUDI cious (ju dish’ us) adj.

Having sound judgment

11. Judiciously : JUDI ciously (ju dish’ us lee) adv.

Wisely; soundly; as, the court ruled judiciously

12. Adjudicate : ad JUDI cate (a jud’ i kate) v.

To settle by judicial decree

13. Adjudicate : ad JUDI cate (ab jue’ di cate) v.

Reject the case; throw it out of court

14. Adjudicative : adj JUDI cative ( ajue’ di kay tiv) adj.

Tending to pass judgment

15. Injudicious : in JUDI cious (in jus dish’ us) adj.

Not having sound judgment

16. Injudiciously : in JUDI ciously (in ju dish’ us lee) adv.

Unsoundly; unwisely; injudiciously

17. Prejudice : pre JUDI ee (prej’ ud is) n.

Bias; discrimination

18. Prejudicial : pre JUDI cial (prej u dish’ al) adj.

Biased; damaged without proof

19. Unprejudiced : unpre JUDI ced (un prej’ ud isd) adj.

Not prejudiced

20. Unprejudicial : unpre JUDI cial (un pre jue di’ shal) adj.

Without being biased

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