jump in at the deep end

jump in at the deep end = be thrown in at the deep end

face a difficult problem or undertaking with little experience of it - Informal


dig deep

give money or other resources generously

make a great effort to do something – informal

The idea here is of thrusting your hands deep into your pockets to find money with which to pay for something.

1991 - Sports Illustrated - You really have to dig deep night after night to get up for every game.

go off the deep end = go in off the deep end

give way immediately to anger or emotion - informal

This expression refers to the deep end of a swimming pool where the diving board is located. In the USA the phrase has also developed the meaning go mad…but in either sense the underlying idea is of a sudden explosive loss of self-control.

in deep waters

in trouble or difficulty – informal

In deep water is a biblical metaphor. See for example, Psalm 69 :14 : let me be delivered from them that hate me and out of the deep waters.

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