let your hair down

let your hair down

behave wildly or uninhibitedly – informal


hair of the dog

a small quantity of alcohol taken as a remedy for a hangover – informal

The full form of this phrase is hair of the dog that bit you. Hair from a rabid dog was at one time thought to be a remedy against the effects of its bite. In this expression, the recommended cure for a hangover is a small amount of the cause of the problem.

1987 - Bruce Allen Powe - The Ice Eaters - Murray, still feeling the effects of the previous evening, had suggested they go into a bar because he needed a hair of the dog.

in his hair = out of his hair

annoying (or ceasing to annoy) someone – informal

keep your hair on

used to urge someone not to panic or lose their temper - British informal

make his hair stand on end

alarm or horrify someone

neither hide nor hair of him

not the slightest trace of someone

not turn a hair

remain apparently unmoved or unaffected

put hairs on your chest

(of alcoholic drink) revive your strength – informal

split hairs

make small and overfine distinctions

This expression was first recorded in the late 17th century. Split straws, dating from the 19th century, is a less common version.

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