Little Betty Blue

Little Betty Blue :

Little Betty Blue loved her holiday shoes. She wore them every time she went out. She was happy whenever she wore the shoes.

One day, one of her shoes was missing. She was so sad because she did not know what to do. She worried the whole over the missing shoe. Her mother saw her daughter worrying over the missing shoe. She decided to do something for her daughter. Her mother gave her another shoe. The shoe matched with her holiday shoe. Now she could walk with her matching shoes.

Moral of the story :

Sometimes a replacement is as good as the real thing.

Little Bo-peep

In a faraway land, there lived a little shepherd girl named Bo-peep. Everyday, she took her sheep to graze at the grass field.

One day, while waiting for her sheep, little Bo-peep fell asleep on a tree stump. After a while, she woke up. She was shocked that there were no sheep on the grass field. She ran back home crying and told her father what had happened.

“Don’t worry little Bo-peep. Leave them alone and they will come home on their own," said her father reassuringly. Little Bo-peep stopped crying and nodded. That evening just before sunset, the sheep arrived at the doorway.

Moral of the story :

Do not be too worried if your pet disappears for a while. Be patient and it will come back to you.

Little Boy Blue

One fine morning, Little Boy Blue’s father told him to watch over the sheep and the cow. The sheep were in the meadow while the cow was in the field. His father gave him a horn.

“Use this horn if you see the cow and the sheep going too far away," said his father. Little Boy Blue nodded and took the horn. He went to sit by the haystack. After a few hours of watching the cow and the sheep, he grew sleepy. He did not know what happened to the sheep and the cow.

It was almost noon and so his father came to see him. He could not find him. Finally, he looked at the haystack. He found the little boy sleeping soundly. Afterwards, his father carried him home. His father taught him to be responsible for the works assigned to him.

Moral of the story :

Be responsible to a task given to you.

Little Betty Blue :


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