Little Miss Muffet

Little Miss Muffet :

Little Jack Horner

One fine Christmas morning, a little boy called Jack Horner, who lived with his mother, wanted the plum pie his mother had baked. He wanted only the plum but not the pie.

“Mother, can I have the plum inside the pie?" asked little Jack Horner.

“No, you must eat the plum with the pie. Now go sit at the corner and I will bring you a pie," said his mother.

He went to sit at the corner. His mother gave him a plum pie and left. When he was sure his mother could not see him, he put his thumb inside the pie and pulled out a plum. The pie looked untouched. He put back the pie on the table and thought ‘I am such a smart boy.’

Moral of the story :

Do not choosy with your foods.

Little Miss Muffet

One afternoon, Miss Muffet was going to have her tea break after working hard in the farm. She sat down on a wooden bench and ate her curds and whey. Then a big spider came down from a tree and sat beside her on the bench. She was so frightened that she spilled her food and ran away. By doing so, she did not have food to eat for that time. She went hungry.

Moral of the story :

Do not overreact when you are frightened. If you do, you will not be taken serious by your friends. Even your parents may avoid you for your unwarranted reactions.

Little Tommy Tucker

One night, a little boy called Tommy Tucker was hungry. He wanted something to eat before he went to sleep. He told his mother that he was hungry.

“So, what do you want to eat?" asked his mother.

“Bread and butter," he said. His mother gave him a loaf of bread and a bar of butter but forgot the knife.

“How shall I cut it without a knife?" asked Tommy. His mother gave him a knife. His mother asked him to use the knife to cut it.

“And how shall I be married without a wife?" asked Tommy again. His mother laughed at his question. Tommy laughed, too. He quickly finished his slice of bread and got ready to sleep.

Moral of the story :

You can joke and hint but avoid being too sarcastic. That attitude will put in jeopardy. Please avoid being sarcastic.

Little Miss Muffet :


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