liver & liber

ROOT-WORDS are LIBER & LIVER which mean FREE. It comes from the Latin word LIBERtas, meaning liberty. The Spanish word for liverty is similar, LIBERtad. The spellings b and v come from the Latin verb libero, liberavi, liberatus which mean to set free. Do not confuse this ROOT with the LIBER which means book or LIBRA which means balance & weigh.

1. Liberal : LIBER al (lib’ e ral) adj.

Relating to liberty; free

2. Liberalize : LIBER alize (lib’ e ra lize) v.

To make more free; as, to liberalize the mind from prejudice

3. Liberalization : LIBER alization (lib e ra liz zay’ shun) n.

Act of liberalizing

4. Liberalism : LIBER alism (lib’ e ra liz um) n.

A doctrine of generous freedoms

5. Liberalist : LIBER ality (lib’ e ra list) n.

One who believes in liberalism

6. Liberality : LIBER ality (lib e ral’ it ee) n.

A generosity; broad-mindedness

7. Liberate : LIBER ate (lib’ e rate) v.

To set free

8. Liberator : LIBER ator (lib’ e rate r) n.

One who sets others free

9. Libertarian : LIBER tarian (lib er tar’ ee an) n.

One who believes in the doctrine of free will; the principles of freedom

10. Liberticide : LIBER ticide (li ber’ ti side) n.

The destruction of liberty

11. Liberticidal : LIBER ticidal (li ber ti side’ al) adj.

Tending to destroy liberty

12. Libertine : LIBER tine (lib’ er teen) n.

A person without morals; a rake

13. Libertinage : LIBER tinage (lib’ er tee nij) n.

Immoral conduct; licentiousness

14. Deliver : de LIVER (de liv’ er) v.

To set free; to set at liberty

15. Deliverance : de LIVER ance (de liv’ e rans) n.

State of being freed; release

16. Deliverer : de lIVER er (de liv’ er er) n.


17. Delivery : de LIVER y (de liv’ e ree) n.

Freedom; liberation

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