ROOT-WORD is the Prefix MACRO which means LARGE & EXCESSIVE development. It is the opposite of the Prefix MICRO, small. This list of words with its abnormalities and manias would be good for writing a science fiction story or opening a circus. There is another zoological oddity I had no room for - MACRObiotus - a strange, bearlike, little animal whose naked body is transparent, andhas globules of fat which look like huge red corpuscles.

1. Macron : MACRO n (make’ ron) n.

A line over a vowel to show that it is long; as, a, long a, in place

2. Macrometer : MACRO meter (ma krom’ e ter) n.

Instrument to measure size and distance of objects

3. Macrotous : MACRO tous (ma kroe’ tus) adj.

Having large ears

4. Macrodont : MACRO don’t (mak’ ro don’t) adj.

Having large teeth

5. Macrocosm : MACRO cosm (mak; ro koz um) n.

The great world; universe

6. Macrocosmic : MACRO cosmic (mak ro koz’ mik) adj.

Relating to the great world

7. Macrocosmology: MACRO cosmology (mak ro koz mol’ o ji) n.

A description of the macrocosm

8. Macromania : MACRO mania (mak ro may’ ni a) n.

A delusion that parts of the patient’s body are bigger than they really are

9. Macrograph : MACRO graph (mak’ ro graf) n.

A photograph of an object magnified

10. Macrology : MACRO logy (ma krol’ o ji) n.

A great deal of talking

11. Macrography : MACRO graphy (ma krog’ ra fi) n.

Large size writing which shows a nervous disorder

12. Macrocyte : MACRO cyte (mak’ ro site) n.

Large red corpuscles that appear in anemias

13. Macrophage : MACRO phage (mak’ ro faje) n.

A large white cell

14. Macrophotograph: MACRO photograph (mak ro foe’ to graf) n.

The production of enlarged photographs

15. Macrochemistry : MACRO chemistry (mak ro kem’ is tri) n.

Chemistry which does not require a microscope

16. Macrocephalous : MACRO cephalous (mak ro sef’ a lus) adj.

Having a larger head than normal

17. Macrobiote : MACRO biote (mak ro bie’ ote) n.

One that lives a long time

18. Macrobiosis : MACRO biosis (mak ro bie o’ sis) n.

Length of life; longevity

19. Macrobian : MACRO bian (ma kroe’ bi an)adj.

Having lived a long time

20. Macrobiotics : MACRO biotics (mak ro bie ot’ iks) n.

The science of prolonging life

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