magni, magna & magn

ROOT-WORDS are MAGNA & MAGNI meaning GREAT. At first glance you may think this ROOT means the same as MACRO which also means GREAT & LARGE. But it is not so. MACRO usually refers to abnormal size or cosmic matters. A few words do use MAGNA for big money, whiskey boasting and such matters. But mostly the greatness of MAGNA is spiritual in quality - praise, excellence, religion, law, generosity and kindness.

1. Magna Charta : MAGNA Charta (mag na kart’ a) n.

The great charter of 1215 that gave liberties to the English

2. Magnanimously : MAGNA nimously (mag nan’ i mus lee) adv.

Generously; greatly

3. Magnate : MAGNA te (mag’ nate) n.

A man of great wealth

4. Magnify : MAGNI fy (mag’ ni fie) v.

Make great; intensify

5. Magnific : MAGNI fic (mag nif’ ik) adj.

Magnificent; made great

6. Magnificence : MAGNI ficence (mag nif’ i sens) n.

Splendor; richness; greatness

7. Magnitude : MAGNI tude (mag’ ni tyude) n.

Physical greatness; bigness; quality

8. Magnifico : MAGNI fico (mag nif’ i koe) n.

A person of high rank

9. Magnificative : MAGNI ficative (mag nif’ i kay tiv) adj.

Tending to magnify; to make great

10. Magnum : MAGN um (mag’ num) n.

Great, in size; a large bottle for wine

11. Magnascopic : MAGNA scopic (mag na skop’ ik) adj.

Using a magnascope

12. Magniloquent : MAGNI loquent (mag nil’ o kwent) adj.

High-flown, bombastic talk

13. Magnification : MAGNI fication (mag ni fi kay’ shun) n.

Enlargement, as seen through a magnifying glass

14. Magnificat : MAGNI ficat (mag nif’ i kat) n.

A song of praise

15. Magnanimous : MAGNA nimous (mag nan’ i mus) adj.

Great-hearted; generous

16. Magnanimity : MAGNA nimity (mag na nim’ it ee) n.

Quality of generosity and kindness

17. Magnascope : MAGNA scope (mag’ na skope) n.

A lens to enlarge the projected pictures

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