Mary Had a Little Lamb.

Mary Had a Little Lamb.

Mary Had a Little Lamb

There was a little girl named Mary. She had a little white lamb. The little lamb followed Mary wherever she went.

One day, Mary was getting ready to go to school. The little lamb wanted to follow her. “No, little lamb. You can’t follow me. It is against the school rules," said Mary. Therefore, she went to school and left the lamb at home. Without Mary knowing it, the little lamb followed Mary to school quietly.

At school, Mary found out that her little lamb had been following her. She was upset. But her friends and all the other children were so happy to see the lamb. They laughed and played with the lamb joyfully.

Moral of the story :

Do not be scared if things do not go your way. Sometimes, your life will not go by how you want to it to become. There are many people and animals who love so much. Their presence and utterances may embarrass you little bit. You have to bear with it.

Mary Mary quite contrary

In a faraway village, there was a beautiful flower garden. The garden had many beautiful flowers. There were flowers shaped like bells and there were flowers shaped like a heart. The visitors to the village were amazed by the garden.

“The garden is very beautiful. Who grows the flowers?" asked a visitor.

“Mary, the little girl who lives down the hill, grows the flowers," answered a villager.

The visitor then appreciated Mary for the hard-work put up to maintain such a beautiful garden

Mary came to know of this. She was happy to know that the visitors appreciated her for her works.

Moral of the story :

You should be amazed and proud of someone’s ability.

Old King Cole

Once upon a time, there was an old king called King Cole. He was very happy. One of his favorite pastimes was listening to music while eating.

“Bring in my bowl and my pipe," ordered King Cole. “And call my three favorite fiddlers," said King Cole to his servant.

Immediately, his bowl of porridge and his pipe were brought to him. Not long after that, his three fiddlers arrived with their fine fiddles. They played wonderful music while King Cole sat and enjoyed his bowl of porridge and pipe. Others who were in the royal palace also started enjoying the music.

Moral of the story :

There is nothing wrong with a simple entertainment.

Mary Had a Little Lamb.


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