May and Might

May and Might :

May and might are helping or auxiliary verbs, too.

Use may to ask if you are allowed to do something or to give someone permission to do something.

May I watch television now?
Yes, you may.

May I borrow your pen?
You may come in.
You may go now.

May is also used to talk about things that are likely to happen.

Take an umbrella. It may rain.
If it continues to rain, there may be a flood.
I may go to Sue’s birthday party if I’m free.
You may fall down if you aren’t careful.

Might is used as the past tense of may.

He realized he might catch the earlier train if he hurried.
I knew my teacher might find out.

You can also use might to talk about things that are possible.

For examples :

Put your purse away or it might get stolen.
You might slip so hold on to the railing.

Could you jump over the hurdle?
We ran as fast as we could.
Some people could speak three languages.
Jean could dance quite well.
The man is shouting. He may need help.
If you hurry you might catch the train.
Dave doesn’t look well. He may have a fever.
The baby is crying. She night be hungry.
May I borrow your bike?
I don’t know where Jane is. You might find her in the library.
Could you drive?
Who can answer the question?
Could you show me the way to the zoo?
He may play the piano.

May and Might :

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