mega & megalo

These ROOT-WORDS are MEGA & MEGALO which mean very LARGE. We now have three ROOTS with the meaning LARGE and every one of them means something different. MACRO means large in size, physical largeness. MAGNA means large, great, principally in the spiritual sense. MEGA means huge in the abnormal, diseased sense, diseased both in mind and in body. Be aware of the idea, the unique personality of each ROOT.

1. Megadont : MEGA don’t (meg’ a don’t) adj.

Having large teeth

2. Megadynamics : MEGA dynamics (meg a die nam’ iks) n.

Mechanics of the major earth movements

3. Megapod : MEGA pod (meg’ a pod) adj.

Large footed

4. Megafog : MEGA fog (meg; a fog) n.

Instrument to give directions to befogged ships

5. Megalith : MEGA lith (meg’ a lith) n.

Prehistoric stone monument

6. Megaphone : MEGA phone (meg’ a fone) n.

A device for magnifying sound

7. Megameter : MEGA meter (meg am’ e ter) n.

Instrument for observing the stars in order to determine longitude

8. Megascopic : MEGA scopic (meg’ a skop ik) adj.

Enlarged; visible to the naked eye

9. Megatherm : MEGA therm (meg’ a therm) n.

Any plant which requires great head and abundant moisture for growth

10. Megalethoscope : MEGA lethoscope (meg a leth’ o skope) n.
11. Megalomania : MEGALO mania (meg a lo may’ nee a) n.

Delusions of grandeur

12. Megalophonous : MEGALO phonous (meg al o fon’ us) adj.

Having a loud voice

13. Megalophthalmus: MEGALO phthalmus (meg al of thal’ mus) adj.

Having large eyes

14. Megalopolis : MEGALO polis (meg a lop’ o lis) n.

A very large city

15. Megalosaurus : MEGALO saurus (meg a lo so’ rus) n.

A carnivorous dinosaur

16. Megaloscope : MEGALO scope (meg’ a lo skope) n.

An endoscope with an apparatus for magnifying

17. Acromegaly : acro MEGA ly (ak ro meg’ a lee) n.

Disease marked by the enlargement of the face and extremities

18. Megaprosopous : MEGA prosopous (meg a pros’ o pus) n.

Disease characterized by a large face

19. Megaptera : MEGA ptera (me gap’ ter a) n.

Humpbacked whales

20. Megapodidae : MEGA podidae (meg a po die’ i dee) n.

A genus of large-footed bird
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